Bridge Replacement Program

  • Project typeInfrastructure, Bridge Replacement
  • Project valueOver $10 million collectively
  • Project scheduleScheduled completion dates range from July 2023 to April 2024
  • Completion Date30 April 2024

Funded by the NSW Govt Fixing Country Bridges Program and UHSC, this project replaces 14  timber bridges across Upper Hunter Shire. This not only ensures safer and more reliable service for the local communities but also provides economic benefits through improved regional access and job creation. This initiative aligns with the Community Strategic Plan 2032, targeting maintenance and development of infrastructure to meet ongoing population needs.

The project is set to bring forward over 10 years of backlogged maintenance and 5 years of future maintenance, providing substantial time and cost savings. Socially, the replacement of the bridges promises to deliver consistent and reliable access for the predominantly rural residents for the next century. Economically, this strategic project aims to adapt to a changing population and employment environment, enhancing local access to regional and state road networks, benefiting businesses, services, bus routes, and residents. Notably, this project will also create local job opportunities, employing an average of 2-6 full-time employees during planning stages and 5-15 during construction.