Application Guide


1. Overview

Equal Employment Opportunity/Merit Selection

Join a fair and equal employment opportunity provider, the Upper Hunter Shire Council. Our merit-based selection ensures the right fit for every vacancy.

Information Declaration

Honesty is our policy. Ensure accurate and complete information on your application to proceed smoothly through the recruitment process.

2. Maximise Your Application Success

Cover Letter Essentials

Include a cover letter, showcasing your keen interest and the skills you bring to the desired position.

Resumé Information

Detail your educational, professional background and references in your resumé. Enhance your application with additional skills or interests relevant to the position.

3. Online Application Procedure

Account Setup and Form Completion

Begin by setting up your account. Thoroughly complete all sections of the online application, ensuring no information is left unattended.

Addressing Selection Criteria

Explain how your qualifications and experiences meet the essential and desirable criteria outlined in the Job Description.

4. Application Acknowledgment

Receive an acknowledgment email upon successful submission. Ensure to provide a valid email address.

5. Shortlisting and Interviews

Our selection panel reviews all applications. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews, a step closer to joining our dedicated team.

6. Preferred Applicant Selection

Post-interviews, the preferred candidate will be contacted, advancing towards making a positive impact in the Upper Hunter community with us.

7. Notification for Unsuccessful Applicants

All applicants will be informed of the recruitment outcome, appreciating the effort and interest shown in Upper Hunter Shire Council.