Rates contribute to range of services and facilities in our local community and help make the Upper Hunter Shire a great place to live and visit. 

Receive your notices online

Instead of receiving paper copies of rates and water notices, ratepayers are encouraged to register their email address and ‘opt in’ to receive notices electronically – an email with a link to an Adobe PDF.

Electronic delivery is quicker, environmentally friendly and more cost-effective and convenient.

It’s easy to opt in. Complete the change of address fields on the back of your rates notice and return to Council, or complete the below Change of Address form.  You will need a copy of your rates or water notice to enter some details to verify the property details. If you own more than one property in the Upper Hunter Shire you just fill in a form for each property you want to receive emailed notices for.

Online Form

How general rates are calculated

How much you pay depends on the land value and the land usage (rating category).

Your land value

Land values are determined by the NSW Valuer-General. This valuation usually occurs every three years. The latest revaluation was completed 1 July 2022 and has been used in the calculation for your 2023/2024 rates. 

For more information regarding land valuation go to www.valuergeneral.nsw.gov.au or phone 1800 110 038.

Rating category

In Upper Hunter Shire there are four land categories: Residential, Business, Farmland and Mining. The category of your land is identified in the first entry of your rates notice. If you do not agree with your category, you can apply to have it reviewed.

Calculating your general rate

The 2023/2024 general rate is calculated under a base system which applies a fixed base amount plus a rate in the dollar calculated on the land value of the property.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal NSW (IPART) determines the maximum percentage amount by which a council may increase its general rating income for the year. Councils have discretion to determine how to allocate the rate peg increase between the different ratepayer categories. IPART has set the 2023/2024 rate peg at 3.7%.

Additional Annual Charges

Your annual rates notice will itemise additional charges that are relevant to services provided to your property. These fees will cover costs of providing infrastructure, upkeep and treatment for each service. 

Hunter Catchment Contribution

Council collects contributions on behalf of the Local Lands Services through its rates. Funds collected are forwarded to the Authority to carry out catchment projects. The Local Land Services contribution for 2022/2023 is $0.00977 of a cent in the dollar of the land value. 

The revenue generated from this contribution enables the Catchment Authority to meet its legislative obligations under the Water Management Act 2000. 


The annual water access charge is based on the size of each water meter installed on the property. Water meter sizes are typically 20mm for residential.

A lower flat fee is charged to unconnected services on land within 225 metres of a water main which is capable of being connected.


An annual sewerage fee is charged to cover the costs of maintaining and improving sewerage systems.

A lower flat fee is charged to unconnected services on land within 75 metres of a sewer main which is capable of being connected.

Waste Management 

Annual waste charges pay for your waste facilities,  kerbside bin collections and annual bulky waste collection if available in your area. 

The Waste Management Service Charge covers the cost of the pick-up and disposal of materials collected from kerbside waste, recycling and annual bulky clean-up.

Additional Waste Services 

For those ratepayers receiving an additional service a separate charge for this service will show on the annual rates notice. 


In accordance with the Local Government Amendment (Stormwater) Act 2005. These funds are used for the development of appropriate stormwater management plans and projects over and above the average level previously funded from Council’s general funds. 

On-site Sewage Management 

This annual fee is for the approval to operate an On-site Sewage Management System. This covers the cost of one inspection, monitoring and maintaining records. Any further required inspections will be charged.



How To Pay Your Rates

Council provides many convenient ways for you to pay your rates. You may request a direct debit and never miss a payment again. You can use Bpay for phone and internet banking - ensure you use the correct reference number, make a payment in person through Australia Post, or at any Upper Hunter Shire Council administration office, or post a cheque payable to Upper Hunter Shire Council, PO Box 208, Scone NSW 2337. See the back of your rates notice for more information.

Pensioner rebates

Pensioner rate rebates are available to pensioners on a quarterly basis. Bring your rates notice and current Pensioner Concession Card to any Council administration office during business hours for assistance with completing the following online application form.

Pensioner Concession Application

Having trouble paying?

If circumstances prevent you from paying your rates by the due date Council may enter into a payment agreement with you to allow payments by regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts. 

Overdue rates balances will incur daily interest charges at 

6% p.a.

Council may reduce or waive interest charges if it is of the opinion that a person is unable to pay accrued interest for reasons beyond their control, or payment of accrued interest would cause hardship. Contact Council’s rates department on 6540 1100 or visit a Council administration office to discuss your options.



Change of Address 

To change the mailing address for your Rates or Water notices complete the change of address section on the back of the rates notice and return it to a Council administration office, or complete the online form below.