Lost and available animals

Stray and surrendered animals in Upper Hunter Shire are formally impounded at Scone animal shelter. Payment of fees can be made at any Council administration office. You will need to show your receipt as evidence of payment before you may collect the animal.

Stray animals are scanned for a microchip by Council staff, who then attempt to contact the owner.

Impounded animals will be available for adoption after the following periods, as per the Companions Animals Act 2008:

  • 7 days if not microchipped
  • 14 days if microchipped
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Adoption Costs

There are no fees associated with adoption however prospective owners need to comply with the Companion Animals Act.


What to do if you find a lost or stray animal?

If you find a lost dog or cat wearing a collar or tag, please contact its owner first.

If the owner cannot be contacted, contact Council on 6540 1100 to arrange drop off or discuss pick up options. Alternatively, you can take the lost cat or dog to your nearest vet.