Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre

Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre

The Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre (SRLSC) has been in operation in Scone since the 1940’s. The current facilities were established in the mid 1970’s and have led the way in livestock sales in the Hunter Valley for over 40 years.

The Centre provides services to the cattle producers and the equine industry in the Upper Hunter Valley and across the east coast of Australia.   

Fat cattle sales are held each Tuesday, store sales on the 3rd Thursday of every month and six stud sales throughout the year.  The Centre is European Union (EU) accredited.


Accessing the Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre

Access to the Centre, other than the Selling Ring, Canteen and Amenities, is limited to those who hold a current induction card. 



Curfew for Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre

The Saleyards has a 7.30pm curfew for cattle arriving for sale. Any cattle that arrives after the curfew will be sold last.

Truck wash at Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre

The Centre has a two bay truck wash facility which users can operate with an Avdata key.

All sales are live streamed

Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre comes into the 21st Century with the introduction of online selling through StockLive.  StockLive is an innovative online auction platform, providing the most advanced, and easy to use, interactive online auction experience for the saleyard industry.

StockLive breaks down the physical and geographical barriers that have limited buying at a saleyards in the past. This technology provides vendors with the opportunity to sell their stock/produce to the broader national agricultural community, and that all buyers should have access to view and purchase stock/produce, irrespective of their geographical location, thereby enabling better matching of buyers and vendors.

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