Charlie Milton Young Citizen of the Year 2024

Published on 08 February 2024


Charlie Milton, the recipient of Upper Hunter Shire's Young Citizen of the Year 2024, exemplifies the essence of youthful ambition and community spirit. A senior at Scone High School and an acclaimed athlete, Charlie has not only excelled in rugby but also demonstrated exceptional leadership, culminating in her election as School Captain for 2024. Her dedication to sports and academics has set a benchmark for her peers, illustrating that balance and hard work can lead to extraordinary achievements.

Charlie's plans post-school are as grounded as they are aspirational.She contemplates a gap year to explore and travel, aiming to broaden her horizons before diving into tertiary education. With interests in Veterinary Science and Paramedicine, her future endeavours promise to be as impactful as her contributions to date. Charlie’s approach to life is imbued with a sense of adventure and a deep desire to make a difference, both in her immediate community and beyond.

The award has had a profound impact on Charlie, bringing to light the community's recognition of her efforts. "Receiving this award has made me realise that there are people amongst my community that care and acknowledge my achievements," she shares. This acknowledgment serves as a powerful reminder of the support systems present in our lives, often silent yet profoundly impactful. For Charlie, the award was unexpected, a testament to her humble nature and her preference to let her actions speak louder than words.

Looking forward, Charlie envisions a path where she continues to excel in both her academic pursuits and sporting endeavours. More importantly, she aspires to be a beacon of support for others navigating the challenging balance between education and athletics. "I strive to keep up both my academic and sporting achievements over the future," Charlie states, highlighting her commitment to not only pursuing her goals but also aiding those around her to achieve theirs.

Charlie Milton's story is one of inspiration, humility, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As Upper Hunter Shire celebrates her achievements, Charlie's journey reminds us all of the potential within to contribute meaningfully to our communities and to support one another in our diverse pursuits.