November Council Meeting Update

Published on 28 November 2023

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Upper Hunter Shire Council's November meeting was marked by significant discussions and reviews, including the presentation of the final published Annual Report for 2022/2023 and the outcomes of the Local Government NSW Conference.

Council noted the final published Annual Report for 2022/2023, in compliance with the Local Government Act 1993 and the Integrated Planning and Reporting Guidelines. The Annual Report details the progress of the Community Strategic Plan 2032, along with the Delivery Program 2022-2025 and Operational Plan 2022/2023. This comprehensive document is available on Council’s website, providing transparency and insight into Council operations and achievements.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the outcomes of Upper Hunter Shire Council’s motions submitted to the Local Government NSW Conference, held in November 2023. Deputy Mayor Cr James Burns and General Manager Greg McDonald attended the conference, where key issues affecting local governments were discussed.

Upper Hunter Shire Council submitted three motions to the conference, focusing on increased assistance grants, the process of drought declarations, and welfare reform related to JobSeeker recipient requirements. While the debate on these motions was mixed, it highlighted Council's commitment to addressing crucial issues such as funding disparities between regional and metropolitan councils, the need for accurate drought declarations, and welfare reform.

Of particular note, the motion on welfare reform, which proposed requiring JobSeeker recipients to undertake 20 hours of work per week in roles like groundskeeping and road maintenance, sparked a lively debate. Despite the motion ultimately not passing, it underscored Council's proactive approach to community involvement and resource utilisation.

Council's active participation in these discussions at the Local Government NSW Conference demonstrates its ongoing commitment to addressing both local and broader challenges facing communities in the Upper Hunter Shire.