Operating a Food Business

All food businesses are required to register with Council before commencing operation. If you are opening a new food premises or purchasing an existing food business you must complete a 'Food Premises Notification Details' Form.

All new food shop fit-outs or alterations to existing food shops must comply with the design standards prescribed in Australian Standard AS4674- 2004 Design, construction and fit-out of food premises. Council requires compliance with National Food Safety Standards 3.2.3 Food Premises & Equipment. This standard outlines the mandatory requirements for food premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment & food transport vehicles.

It is compulsory that all food businesses in NSW check if they are required to notify the NSW Food Authority of their food activity details. Go to NSW Food Authority website for further details. (Exemptions apply to those licensed by the NSW Food Authority and not-for-profit fundraising events).

Food Premises Notification