Scone Waste Management Facility

Scone Waste Management Facility accepts a range of different waste, and includes a Community Recycling Centre (CRC) on site.

Community Recycling Centre

Not all household waste can be put in your kerbside bins. Community Recycling Centres offer a FREE and EASY solution for the disposal of household problem waste such as paints, gas bottles, motor oils, batteries, smoke detectors and fluorescent globes and tubes.

Many of these materials can be reused and recycled if processed correctly. Recycling helps our environment because it saves water, energy and natural resources.

You can drop off for free:
  • Gas bottles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Paint
  • Fluoro globes and tubes
  • car batteries
  • household batteries
  • motor oils
  • other oils
  • Smoke detectors

Only household quantities accepted, 20kg or 20L maximum container size. please transport your materials carefully.

For dangerous or toxic goods, contact the CRC on 6540 1367 due to limited space. 

Electronic waste may also be dropped off at the CRC for a small fee.


Where can I dispose of asbestos?

Asbestos can be disposed of at Aberdeen Waste Management Facility.  Asbestos is not accepted at Scone, Merriwa, Murrurundi or Cassilis.

Asbestos must be wet down and completely encased in heavy plastic in manageable sizes and sealed so no asbestos can escape.

The Waste Management Facility must be notified at least 24hr prior to bringing asbestos into the site.

Council requires a handling fee to be paid in addition to the normal disposal costs.


Where can I dispose of deceased animals?

Small animals (dog/cat/sheep/goat/pig) will be accepted at Scone and Aberdeen Waste Management Facilities. 

Large animals (cattle/horses) will only be accepted at Aberdeen Waste Management Facility. 

A call out fee applies for after-hours service.


Can I purchase mulch from a waste management facility?

To sell or give mulch away mulch to the public Council is legally obliged to ensure that the mulch is free from weeds, pests and disease as well has have stringent risk control measures in place. 

As Councils source green / garden waste from a number of sources, material is often processed into compost to remove weeds, pests and diseases prior to sale. 

Upper Hunter Shire Council does not have a composting facility.


Why do we pay an EPA Waste Levy Charge?

The Protection of the Environment (Operations) Act requires certain licensed waste facilities in NSW to pay a contribution for each tonne received at the facility.  Referred to as the 'waste levy', the contribution aims to reduce the amount of waste being landfilled and promote recycling and resource recovery.

The waste levy applies in the regulated area of NSW which comprises the Sydney metropolitan area, the Illawarra and Hunter regions, the central and north coast local government areas to the Queensland border as well as the Blue Mountains, Wingecarribee and Wollondilly local government areas.

Upper Hunter Shire Council is located within the Regional Levy Area. The 2022–23 waste levy rates apply from 1 July 2022. In line with the Waste Regulation, the rates have increased by the Consumer Price Index, and the calculated fees for Regional Levy Area are $87.30 per tonne.





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