Accessing water

Upper Hunter Shire Council currently have three fixed drinking water standpipes available for use by anyone who needs water, including farmers and water cart operators.

Key-operated water standpipes in Scone

There is two fixed standpipes to access drinking water in Scone that can be activated by an Avdata key. The main one for customer use is located on the corner of Aberdeen and Kingdon Streets, whilst the second is located at the Scone Council Depot. Water cart operators will need approval before operating as a business.

An Avdata key to access the Scone Water Standpipes can be purchased at the Scone Administration Office. On purchase an Avdata account will be set up and instructions on how to use the control panel. Any water usage will be billed monthly directly by Avdata Australia Pty Ltd.

Pay-as-you-go water standpipe in Merriwa

There is a Pay-as-you-go water standpipe located on Macartney Street, nearby the Merriwa Council Depot. Drinking water from the fixed standpipe in Merriwa can be accessed with payment via credit card using a keypad. No key or monthly billed account is required. Water cart operators will need approval before operating as a business. Abberfield Industries Pty Ltd are the company that provides this standpipe.

Water Standpipe Fees and Charges 2023/2024
  • Access key - Scone only (non-refundable) - $56.70
  • Water (per kilolitre) - $4.20

Water Cart Operators Need S68 Approval

Under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 all water cart operators must apply for approval to carry out an activity (S68) before using a standpipe for commercial purposes.

The S68 Approval To Operate form can be found on Council’s website or by visiting a Council administration centre.

Once an S68 Approval has been granted water cart operators may access the three fixed water standpipes or hire a portable metered standpipe.

Health guidelines for water cart operators

The Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2012 require drinking water suppliers to develop and adhere to a ‘quality assurance program’ (or drinking water management system). This requirement applies to water suppliers defined in the Act, including water utilities, private water suppliers and water carters.

S68 Fees and Charges 2023/2024

Section 68 application fee - $258.50

Inspection associated with approval - $180

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