Scone CBD Revitalisation

  • Project typeRoadwork and Construction
  • Project valueGreater than $10,000,000.00
  • Project scheduleStage 1 commencing in March 2023
  • Contractor nameDaracon Contractors Pty Ltd

The Scone CBD Revitalisation project is expected to have a transformative effect on the region, providing a significant economic boost and creating exciting new opportunities for local businesses. The project will amplify a range of hospitality, retail, and commercial opportunities, attracting new visitors to the area, making Scone a hub for economic growth and development.

The Scone CBD Revitalisation project is based on the Town Centre Masterplan for Scone(PDF, 21MB) , which has been in development since June 2016. With the completion of the New England Highway bypass in March 2020, the focus is now on revitalising the Scone CBD.

Improved infrastructure and amenities, including road works, stormwater improvements, footway landscaping, and the replacement of potable water mains, will provide a safer and more vibrant environment for all, further enhancing the area's appeal to visitors and locals alike.

As the cornerstone of the region's economic development strategy, the Scone CBD Revitalisation project will create a dynamic and prosperous future for Scone, its businesses and the wider community.


 Milestone Description   Estimated completion date*
 1  St Aubins Town Square June 2023
 2 Block 1 Kingdon to Liverpool - west  December 2023
3 Block 1 Kingdon to Liverpool - east May 2024
 4  Block 1 Kingdon to Liverpool - road and median works May 2024 

Block 2 Liverpool to St Aubins - west

May 2023

Block 2 Liverpool to St Aubins - east

February 2024

Block 2 Liverpool to St Aubins - road and median works

February 2024
 8  Liverpool intersection works  May 2024

*Completion dates are a guide only and may change. 



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